Friday, December 4, 2009

Fuck Twilight, Paul Naschy’s dead….

I must first confess a severe deficiency of knowledge about the horror-packed career of Paul Naschy, the Spanish actor/filmmaker/screenwriter. However, what I and other film fans do know about the man was that he was a Mad Monster Party in a single person. Naschy, who was actually Señor Jacinto Molina, played at various times in his career Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Fu Manchu. This earned him the nickname “the Lon Chaney of Spain,” but sometimes Naschy even topped ol’ Lon by playing multiple monsters in the very same film.

In this season when werewolves are being celebrated once again because of the latest Twilight installment, it should be noted that Naschy was the cinema’s greatest werewolf, having played one in twelve movies (when Lon Jr. only played the part seven times!). The fact that his werewolf character was always named “Waldemar Daninsky” is an even odder part of the phenomenon. The fans, of course, love him in his hairy alter-ego, and so you can find on YT numerous video tributes to Naschy, as with this romantic wolf-paean:

Further hirsute horror can be found in this slice of Werewolf Shadow (1970):

Check out the “overstuffed” trailers for Naschy’s films: Frankenstein’s Bloody Terror (the uploader doesn’t want embeds — does that really stop anyone from finding the vid when you’ve labeled it so clearly?), and Curse of the Devil.

And how can anyone possibly pass by a movie named The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Women?

Los Monstruos del Terror

The Hunchback of the Morgue

And the film that appears in its entirety on YouTube, Vengeance of the Zombies (1972):

If you want background information on Naschy and his films, I direct you to, run by Euro-horror expert (and former cable-access colleague of mine), Mirek Lipinski, whose main site is here.

Given mine own predisposition, I cannot help but conclude this tribute to the late, great werewolf with the trailer for one of his singularly best-titled movies. How many times have you felt like you’d like to live in (or did in fact live in) a House of Psychotic Women? They just don’t make ’em like this anymore….

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Unknown said...

Who doesn't love Count Dracula's Great Love? A seventies drive-in classic!