Friday, August 28, 2009

Uncle Floyd interview episode up now on YouTube

I've been asked to make entire episodes of the show available online, but haven't as of yet for a number of reasons, including time, bandwidth, and arbitrary enforcement of copyright claims and "adult" content on sites like YouTube. In any case, I decided that the Rudy Ray Moore episode shouldn't be alone up there, so I've now put up the entirety (minus my opening intro) of the Uncle Floyd Show cast interview that took place in the dressing room of the very-much-missed Bottom Line in Manhattan way back in 1997. I loved hanging out with these gents back then, and am very happy to say that Floyd Vivino, Artie Delmar, and Michael T. Wright are still in the game today, entertaining folks in various ways around the NJ/NY area (and beyond!). Mugsy died in 2005, but is well remembered by fans of the Floyd show for his great musical parodies, cartoons, and generally bugging Floyd from off-camera (see the Hour Magazine segment contained in this episode). This is an episode I enjoy revisiting, so I'm glad to share it with folks beyond NYC via this thing called the Net.

Part one is here:

Part two is here:

Part three is here:

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