Friday, August 28, 2009

David Bowie visits Warhol's factory and starts to mime...

I shall have it known that I am not a mime hater. But there is a time and place for the art of pantomimickry, and I’m not sure it’s when you’re a hot young British rock star visiting Warhol’s Factory. Nevertheless… here is a mind-warpingly ridiculous slice ’o history, as we see young David Bowie visit the man whom he immortalized on “Hunky Dory.” As captured by somebody’s camera, David goes into a mime routine (yes, he does the invisible wall thing), and then just sorta hangs out while Angie yells stuff at someone in the background. This is extremely rare and I’m glad I’ve now seen it and preserved. Is it good? Well, that one’s up to you….

Thanks of course to the intrepid poster and to good friend Sara for pointing me to this one. (There’s a more innocuous part two, by the way — no more mime, though….)

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