Friday, August 28, 2009

Not feeling their Fab-best: the Beatles meet Peter Sellers

And on the trail of celebs visiting other celebs in their place of business, here we have Peter Sellers visiting the Beatles during the recording of their album “Get Back" which, of course, wound up being Let It Be. It’s not an unfriendly meeting, but it’s not exactly chummy. John cracks wise about drugs as Sellers is leaving (which is where the damned clips begins). Then there’s an amazing bit of John looking comatose. This is not the happy Dr.-Winston-O’Boogie-meets-Merkin-Muffley clip you thought it was gonna be:

Since that was such a sort of a downer, here are the Beatles and Sellers in happier times, as he presents them with a music award:

And maybe this one for good measure:

And, finally, because I never tire of this movie, but had never, ever seen the original trailer with Peter and Ringo contributing verbal nonsense:

These posters deserve my thanks, as does friend and Funhouse webmaster Arnold for pointing me to the “Get Back” encounter.