Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This blog is now indexed for your convenience

Last weekend I decided it was high time that this blog became searchable — some of the older posts have become harder to find through Google, so I finally put labels (read: keywords) on the 500-plus entries on here. Thus, you can now look up Bye Bye Monkey and Spider Baby, Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Sammy Petrillo, and read what I’ve written about Chris Marker, Chris Morris, Chris Rock, and Chris Rush.

FYI, the most common entry is indeed “Deceased Artiste” (126), and the second is “YouTube finds/posters” (112). The problem with the latter is, of course, that the postings have in several cases gone down (but many are still up). I am not going to purge older entries at this time — nor am I going to make them fit the writing format I eventually hit on about two years ago. Those outdated posts stand as a kind of record as to what was on YT at one point… and has more than likely been reposted under another name (or banned by the “bots” that now run the site).

Check out the older posts, since they point the way to the mix of "high art and low trash" that I'm very happy to share here and on the Funhouse TV show. Bon appetit!

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