Thursday, May 5, 2011

The craziest trio of dead celebs you could ever find... in the same car... on 9/11.

Some stories are just too good to question whether or not they’re true — and I’m pretty sure this one isn’t, no matter how much an “insider” swears it is. It’s a tale of the mighty Brando, the late (and wonderfully shrill) Elizabeth Taylor, and the king of crazy... err, Pop, Michael Jackson, fleeing 9/11 in the same car to get to the safety of New Jersey. Supposedly it comes from the latest issue of Vanity Fair but friend John Walsh found it on a British newspaper’s website. It’s truly a shame that Larry King retired, because I can see him spinning this tale into an entire WEEK of programs. (I haven’t heard Mika Brando say nothing at great length for so long now.)

Read the story here.

(And yeah, they were very talented in their prime. But they were also crazy. Oh boy, were they crazy....)

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