Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Pesach: Bob Dylan performs "Hava Nagila"

You can never have too much Bob Dylan craziness, and man, as one digs into the Bob’s "back pages" of public appearances one finds a whole lot o’ craziness. Keeping in mind that Passover season is upon us, I offer the following clip some dedicated soul uploaded to YouTube featuring Dylan in his famed appearance on the 1988 Chabad telethon, which basically brought the telethon a whole lotta attention, and was the center revelation in Harry Shearer’s famous piece on the ’thon in Spy magazine.

Watch this one and preserve it via one of the keepvid sites (I recommend the Firefox download “helper”), because the authorized Chabad account has no trace of Bob and the folks from the telethon may remove this at any time they please.

The bonus for those of us who enjoy the work of a certain character actor who has recently been in public view as a patriarch on the HBO series Big Love is that while Dylan plays harmonica and his son-in-law Peter Himmelman sings, none other than Harry Dean Stanton plays guitar on this number. It’s a keeper:

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