Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sixties: The gift that keeps on giving...

Am glad the page views are growing by the week. And what pray tell brings people to this here blog — or any website for that matter? Well, the first two answers are always sex and music, but you can forget about the first one until the second clip below (then resume your unwholesome gaze). I offer you music from that "rupture in time" that was the Sixties — of course, that decade in reality ended somewhere around 1974 when Tricky Dick left office, and so we have a broad field in which to play in. And we find such odd moments as this, wherein two singers on the staid and oh-so-square Lawrence Welk Show warble a tune that I don't believe they understood:

Offering a nice cross-section of certain interests in the era, we have this poster, who has done some nice work setting girlie reels to excellent Sixties tunes:

Here’s another nice one. And another one that, yes, includes nudity. On YouTube (gasp!).

I’m assuming most of you have seen this wonder, the all-too-trippy Raquel Welch special from 1970:

I’m sure some’a you also know where this groovy scene originated, but I don’t.

I recognize Annie Girardot in this beyond-mod scene, but I don’t know what film it’s from. It is another slice of unabashed Sixties.

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Mavis Martini said...

You've discovered my pal, Butch Tuffington! He digs chicks, grooves and groovy chicks! The "Smooch Bombs" clip is from the Flemish(!) cult film, "Princess" from 1969!
This site is outtasight!