Friday, August 19, 2011

Dishin' it: DVD reviews

I should probably connect the dots here and direct readers of this blog to some of my other recent writing. I’ve been reviewing DVDs for Disc Dish since its inception; the site is the brainchild of two of the editors I worked with at the sorely missed trade mag Video Business, Laurence Lerman and Samantha Clark.

My writing for DD is a bit more formal than it is in the entries here, but I’m proud of the reviews, as they include a little background, a little historical context, and a note or two on the supplements that appear on the discs, as well as any missing elements or special marketing maneuvers made by the DVD companies.

I know lots and lots of folks are doing the streaming thing these days — I can’t even imagine having another reason to be tethered to my computer — but the little silver discs are still being produced on a weekly basis, and there are some wonders to be found thereupon. For example:

The 1980 new wave music pic Breaking Glass

The Ernie Kovacs Collection

Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune

Francois Ozon’s Potiche

One word: Skidoo

The box set of the Seventies TV show Celebrity Bowling

Fassbinder’s I Only Want You To Love Me

Ozon’s Hideaway (Francois has been a busy guy!)

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