Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wonder if the New York Post will be reprint this Michael Jackson cover page?

The cover can be seen here, because Blogspot has decided it doesn't want to load the picture (and it's now down on the Post site) — ah, technology!

I'm sure the Post will have a reverent tribute in their pages tomorrow for “MJ,” but I doubt they will resurrect this nasty, and I do mean nasty cover they ran a few years back. I will confess that I was never a massive Michael fan — although I of course deeply loved his Sixties/Seventies pop and totally respect his classic albums with Quincy Jones — but I was actually stunned by how evil this NYP cover was. The gent is now laid to rest at a young age, and no doubt revelations will be made about his private life. Let it not be forgotten that the Post headline-writers were in there kicking ’im when he was down….

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