Friday, February 6, 2009

Wally Cox and his friend "Dufo"

This week on the show I'm doing a review of the new Mr. Peepers box set, and so I present my fave bit of Wally Cox's stand-up comedy (in fact the only bit of Wally's stand-up that I've heard). It's a terrific single called "Dufo (What a Crazy Guy)" that clearly demonstrates that Marlon Brando's one-time roommate and childhood chum could play things other than a milquetoast, buttoned-down egghead (although that's what brought the dough in, at various times). I wish he had pursued his stand-up a bit more, as Tony Randall, Steve Allen, and other friends of his said his initial routines were very funny. Take a listen -- the visual is just the cover of a Wally-related book, as I have no "Dufo" imagery to go with this audio.


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