Friday, February 13, 2009

My favorite Satan: Roddy McDowall

Since it is currently not being rerun anywhere on cable, and because they stopped after one damned DVD box set, I offer up the following short segments from one of my all-time favorite Fantasy Island episodes, to honor the memory of god... er, Ricardo Montalban. Feast on this bit of classic camp TV, played entirely straight by the participants. Roddy McDowall is Lucifer (looking like a roadshow Sky Masterson), Carol Lynley is the wife who has made a deal with him (unbeknownst to her hubby, played by the ever-hesitant Mr. Adam West), and Ricardo is, well, he's Mr. Roarke taking on the mantle of Daniel Webster. This show may have been patently ridiculous, but it damned well knew it was patently ridiculous!

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