Friday, July 25, 2008

"Soul Coaxing": Deceased Artiste Raymond Lefèvre

The world of easy listening, what used to be called “beautiful music” on the airwaves here in the U.S., lost one of its Gallic icons, the composer Raymond Lefèvre, at 78, the other day. I will refer you to his greatest international hit, something that I hadn’t heard in literally decades but which is imprinted soundly on my brain pan, the instrumental “Soul Coaxing.” Lefèvre worked with both the immortal Dalida (French singer and heavy-duty gay icon) and Eddie Constantine (yes, “Lemmy Caution” used to sing). He also did scores for several hit comedies featuring “Rabbi Jacob” himself, Louis de Funès.

Take a listen to “Soul Coaxing” (have I mentioned lately how much I love the French?), and just float away on its cushion of mega-plush sound. Thanks to M. Faust of Buffalo’s Mondo Video for passing this one on.

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Jean Mank said...

OMIGOD! I never knew the name or composer of that song. By dumb, stumbling luck I came across your web site this morning. I used to hear that playing on the FM radio when I was little and could not sleep during my troubled childhood. It was so beautiful! Thank you, thank you! The tears are just streaming down my face. Every day it amazes me how small the Internet has made my world.