Friday, June 22, 2007

Two one-of-a-kind comedians on YouTube (rare stuff!)

I want to direct your attention to the absolute finest items that show up on YouTube, and couldn't do any better than clips of the following two gentlemen.

Allan Sherman is one of the all-time kings of the novelty song, from his Jewish tales of woe and the 'burbs, to his punnish wonders and his rather somber-sounding novelty love tunes. (Was there ever a more sympathetic singer of silly ditties?) Some generous soul has been putting clips of "My Son, the Folk Singer" up on YouTube
It's hard to choose a favorite, but this lovely monologue is a good introduction

Click here if the above doesn't work.
and this sad wistful number (yeah, you might say weird, especially since the kid seems a little freaked out).

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And moving from a king of the novelty tune to "A Most Immaculately Hip Aristcrat," we must truly before the hep cat and all-knowing seer of vids who has shared with us this moment of splendor:

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Make sure to also check out the Lord before he was truly 100% in his linguistic prime (not very funny, but unbelievably rare!):
Club Seven appearance from 1949
and his unfuckingbelieveable appearance on Groucho's You Bet Your Life
Possibly the strangest inclusion? A "Beany and Cecil" cartoon that the Lord did a vocal bit for (as a groovy wild man), that features references to Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce!!!

Click here if the above doesn't work.
Thanks to Rich Brown, for pointing the way to these gems.

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