Thursday, June 14, 2007

Obscure psychedelia, scored by Syd and the Floyd (the number 1 most-viewed post on the old Funhouse blog)

In reviewing the material I’ve got on a certain Deceased Artiste, namely Roger Barrett (aka Syd the Madcap), I found this short film on a Floyd compilation tape. It’s called San Francisco, and was made in 1968 by Anthony Stern (the assistant director on Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London (1967). The soundtrack is composed of an alternate take of “Interstellar Overdrive” from the band’s first album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn. I’m pretty sure viewing this on a computer could induce either a mind-roasting trip or pure insanity. The images are pure history, but the film is primarily a sensual assault. I’ve opted to upload the last third or so of the pic, when things settle down to a very nice little get-together. The girl who moves around topless of course makes this clip a no-no on our fave little clip-commune, Settle back, and enjoy the ride.

There were some fascinating comments that were made about this clip on YouTube, with one or two folks claiming the take of the song used was in fact after Syd left the band, but then other folks would respond with the exact session date, at which Syd was indeed in attendance.

The version below is missing the naked hippie chick. If I find a place to freely upload the uncensored version, it will appear again! In the meantime, a little mindwarp is better than no mindwarp at all....

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