Friday, June 8, 2007

Jesus Get Nailed: blooper from Spanish TV (a viewer fave from the old Funhouse blog)

I featured this remarkable little bit of footage on the show some years back on our annual Easter blasphemy-fest, and felt it would be the perfect inaugural clip for the “crazy xtians” feature of this blog. This is a segment, the first prize winner in fact (!), from the show Camara Infraganti. The show is one of the million copies of Candid Camera that has existed since that initial program showed how much fun it is to watch people being made fools of. The guy being humiliated here is an actor playing Christ in a local passion play in Guadalajara. As is the custom on the Funhouse, I include this twice in succession, just so you can digest the event. The “funniest home videos” concept always encourages us to laugh at people being hurt (with appropriately juvenile special effects), but it’s rare that they allow us to mock a guy dressed up as the Son of God. It’s a special moment, and I felt it deserved to be shared.

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