Saturday, November 28, 2009

Camp and schlock: very much alive

I wrote a few months ago about the very special media circus that the death of Michael Jackson created. Outdistancing even the “big nothing” coverage of the event that Larry King carried on for WEEKS is this amazing event, “Michael Jackson: the Live Séance,” an amazing show that aired on the Sky Channel in the U.K. A psychic “connects” with Michael and passes on his thoughts and answers to questions posed by a small group of devoted, crying fans. The longer version found on YouTube does include short interviews with the one Jackson “friend” they could dredge up, David Gest (aka the ex-Mr. Liza Minnelli), who is decked out in amazingly bad plastic surgery and a stunning skull-themed hiphop outfit. (It’s never too late for Halloween.) Thanks to Friend Tim for drawing this to my attention.

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