Friday, March 14, 2008

YouTube find of the month: Cassavetes, Falk, and Gazzara guest on "The Dick Cavett Show"

If there is any further proof needed that network TV was a lot more engaging and intelligent way back when, I don't know what it is. This is the 9/21/70 edition of Cavett on which JC and friends discuss Husbands (or better yet, don't really discuss the film). It's amazing to see the three of them hanging out (the only footage that makes the rounds is from documentaries on the making of the film). Also being oddly, charmingly uncooperative with a talk show host (who happened to be one of the smarter, more simpatico talk show hosts of the time). He jokes in this segment that he thinks they're "smashed," and they firmly deny it, but it does seem like they've some fun *somewhere* before the show started rolling. I've linked to the third part of four, but this is well (!!!) worth your time. It's a 40 minute Cavett episode, as he had to do half-strength shows when "Monday Night Football" ran over.

This is like spun gold for fans of Cassavetes' movie work.

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Anonymous said...
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Media Funhouse said...

Ah, the joys of blogging. The only ones who take the time to comment are spammers.


Creepy Jackalope said...

Was delighted to come across this on YouTube as a huge fan of Cassavetes and "Husbands". I don't think many talk-show hosts nowadays would've been able to keep this show together as well as Dick Cavett!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting it mate,
it was good to see Cassavetes uncensored on tv;
I'd disagree with Gazzara though, Welles is not the best American director - perhaps he'd make US top 10 or 5 but, seriously - Cassavetes is number 1.