Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pipe, Wig, Spitting, Policeman, Paraplegic Fetishes Flourish on the 'Tube

One of the finest purposes the Internet serves is that it makes ya feel normal. When you investigate the odder fetishes out there, you can’t help but feel that your own attachments, obsessions, and fixations are pretty freaking vanilla and mundane. Over a decade ago I featured some sterling images from the worlds of the gunge/slapstick-fetish fans, plushies, and, oh yes, the furry underground on the Funhouse. Along those lines, I refer you to another blogspot blog, one run by writer Dennis Cooper, where Funhouse correspondent “stevee” supplies a short laundry list of some of the wondrous and extremely strange fetishes that can be found on YouTube, the site that is truly, uniquely American, in that it is terrified and threatened by the notion of human genitalia and bared breasts.

Check out the list of bizarro fetish vids here.

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