Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hitchcock features and other goodies hidden among the public domain clips

I'm fascinated by what people upload in the way of classic cinema on YouTube, and am particularly interested by people uploading entire features, particularly ones that are copyrighted and could come tumbling down at any time. Thus, I humbly submit a few links to a person who's uploaded some public domain features, and has also thrown in a classic Roger Corman (featuring the best acting job by William Shatner, pre-Tiberius Kirk), the entire 1962 feature The Intruder aka "Shame."

The same person has put up the entirety of Hitchcock's Stage Fright, which is not primo Hitch, but does contain one of his few attempts to film a musical number (albeit one occurring on a stage) and an admitted "cheat," wherein we see a falsified flashback.

More importantly, he (I know, I know, I keep assuming these posters are men, since I know that guys have infinite patience for fanboy activity) has uploaded all of the much better Shadow of a Doubt, which contains a wonderfully creepy performance by the great Joseph Cotten. The coolest part in the entire movie (which is a classic Hitch construction, filled with doubling and identification with the killer figure) occurs at 3:00-4:30 point of this segment. “Are they?” Joe Cotten kicks ass.

The same poster has put up the only Elia Kazan noir, the "neo-Realist" noir Panic in the Streets, some fan-made music videos for songs by the horror-movie obsessed Texas psych legend Roky Erickson and a Here’s Lucy production number featuring the always sexy-as-anything Ann Margret. Also, this rather lonely and downbeat PSA featuring the young Billy Mumy (I’d swear the voice of the narrator is that of young Dick Cavett). Television is sanctified for kid's protection — that's why he's so depressed!

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