Friday, January 18, 2008

Russ Meyer on Tom Wolfe and how he *didn't* write "Cherry, Harry & Raquel!"

I am currently "burning" to DVD-r some of my older interviews for the show, so I will be posting clips from them in the next few weeks. Here's a bit from my interview with the great Russ denying that Tom Wolfe had anything to do with the great 1970 pic Cherry, Harry & Raquel!. What was the truth of the situation, and why is the name "Tom Wolfe" part of the film's credits? Russ's friend Thomas McGowan co-scripted the film, and apparently wanted to hide under a pseudonym (his work on Disney productions might explain this), so he took the nom du cinema "Tom Wolfe," which of course led everyone to believe the Kandy-Kolored Tangarine-Flake Streamline guy collaborated on the film. Mr. McGowan, by the way, deserves our devoted worship for having directed one of the most memorable bad movies of all time, Night Train to Terror, which I wrote about here.

Check out Russ:

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