Friday, December 28, 2007

Check out the Links List on the right, hours of joy are yours to be had!

Yes, I finally got around to it, and have put up a few dozen links on the right menu. The creative efforts of some of the show's viewers/friends are first, followed by a really big slew of audio blog URLs, and closed off by some recommended sites and blogs.

If you're not familiar with the audio-blog phenomenon in the Blogspot universe, I recommend that you check out any of the links I provide here, and you will have literally hours (I ain't exaggeratin') of entertainment to be had. The blogspot experience is all about moving through the link-lists, so I thought it was essential that I help this process along (as long as you remember to check back here, do the RSS feed, bookmark, whatever). The Internet has made it possible for fans all over the world to share their treasures and in my short little decade sifting through this medium I'd have to say that the two most blissfully positive developments have been YouTube and the audio-blog phenomenon (I was never one for adding a piece of software to obtain my free music). They truly have forged a community out of a disparate bunch of obsessives — and so it should be....

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