Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween: Get Mashin'

Halloween is the anti-Christmas, a time that's terrific for kids, the young at heart, and anyone who still possesses a dram of imagination and nonconformity. I could offer up countless things from the archives, but I'm going to go for one of my recent-vintage favorites, already present on this blog way, way down in the posts. This year the best I do to get seasonal will be to watch a movie with a supernatural tone, but a few years back I did indeed witness a meeting of novelty-record giants: yes, the one-time-only duet of Bobby "Boris" Pickett, the man who had the Halloween anthem as a top 40 hit, with Zacherle, the once and future "Cool Ghoul" who covered it shortly thereafter. Bobby is no longer with us, but Zach is still going strong, and both gents I'm sure know/knew in some corner of their monsterly souls that the fanboy brigade out there loved 'em for the silly entertainment they've given us over the years. Mash good!

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