Friday, July 27, 2007

Arch madness: Andy Milligan's Seeds

Grindhouse madman Andy Milligan made some really questionable pics. The ones I've caught have been pretty unexceptional, but the excellent bio The Ghastly One does inspire on to check out his other works, especially, this excellent bit of baroque camp, Seeds. Milligan is like the Kuchar Bros, but meaner and with more melodramatic pretention (and without the insanely brilliant Kuchar sense of humor, which provided the blueprint for John Waters).

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Anonymous said...

I've been fascinated by Milligan since discovering I was living in the same London flat he'd once occupied (the address appeared in The Ghastly Ones, you can imagine how odd it felt to be reading a book about the guy in his own old abode - especially as he sounds like such an extraordinarily unpleasant individual) but this is the first time I've actually seen any of his work. It isn't a disappointment.... in fact, some of it reminds me of Richard Kern's early work. Thanks for posting it!