Saturday, May 12, 2007

What is the Funhouse?

We're a cable access show that's been on for over 13 years in Manhattan. You can see a wildly annotated list of the topics we've covered, plus read reviews of the show (from such nat'l pubs as Time and Variety) and read mine own writings, at our site.. We have some select clips there, but since YouTube is the hub of all vid-watching activity on the web these days, I will point you towards the collection of interview clips from the show and rare footage that relates to the topics we cover that has been put up on the YT site.

That can be found here. I will be putting more clips up on YouTube to illustrate the entries I'll be writing here. If anyone has any suggestions about low-priced (and I do mean low-priced!) servers to put up clips that would not meet YouTube's rigorous (but oft-times capricious) standards, please do pass them on to me through this blog or through e-mail. What else can I say but, "Enjoy!"

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